The Gaelic Whiskies

Praban na Linne, producers of The Gaelic Whiskies is a small boutique whisky company on the Isle of Skye. Founded in 1976, by the Scottish entrepreneur Sir IaIn Noble of Eilean Iarmain, to provide authentic whiskies of quality, for the connoisseurs of the Gaelic speaking Hebridean Islands of Scotland. The company continues to focus on quality and remains one of the few independent businesses in the Scotch Whisky industry.

Praban na Linne is a Gaelic expression which describes “a small smugglers enterprise” on the Sound of Sleat and alludes to the historic setting of the company’s head office and whisky shop located by the old stone pier of Eilean Iarmain overlooking the waters of the Sound of Sleat.

The principle brands of The Gaelic Whiskies are:
Tè Bheag – an exceptional connoisseur’s blend with a high malt content aged in Sherry Casks.
MacNaMara – for those who prefer a lighter blend, the MacNaMara is also available in Rum Cask Finish and Madeira Cask Finish.
Poit Dhubh – the fine vatted malts of Poit Dhubh are bottled at 8 years and 12 years with a 21 year old to satisfy the most epicurean tastes.

The Gaelic Whiskies are widely respected and have gained international recognition for their quality.

“Slàinte mhath a h-uile latha a chi ‘s nach fhaic”
“Good health to every day we see, or don’t”

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For more information about The Gaelic Whiskies, please visit The Gaelic Whiskies website

Uisge Lusach – The Gaelic Gins

Small Batch, Copper Distilled on The Isle of Skye

The Gaelic Gins are distilled on the estate at Eilean Iarmain, next door to the hotel. Our unique traditional copper still inspiring Uisge Lusach’s well rounded aromatics and refined rich texture. The Juniper beautifully balanced by a lemon citrus brightness and delicate notes of warming spice.

Boladh – Nose

Soft subtle cardamom leading to a piquant citrus freshness

Blas – Palate

A refined richness of texture and depth of warm aromatic spice, rounded by hints of fresh citrus and lively juniper.

Deireadh – Finish

A long, lingering delight! Smooth, and deeply warming to heart and soul.

Thigibh a chèilidh oirnn gus blasad bheag fhaighinn!
Come and visit the Wee Gaelic Gin Still at Hotel Eilean Iarmain

The Gaelic Gins – Visit the website

For more information about The Gaelic Gins, please visit The Gaelic Gins website